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The 808… Action Sports Reality At Its Finest

the 808After watching a re-run of Fuel TV’s “The 808″ again for the first time in months last night, I was left with the same embarrassment and sickening feeling that I had the first time I saw the original episodes that began airing last summer.The 808 sends the wrong message in so many ways. Kala Alexander tries to paint himself as the peace-keeping Sheriff of Pipe, but the reality is that he is a whistle-toting thug dispensing vigilante justice. And the execs at Fuel are knowing accomplices.

How many 16 year olds out there, surfers, skaters, snowboarders, motocrossers, watch this show and think “we need to protect our turf by any means necessary, too.” Makua Rothman, who recently just signed a deal with RVCA, punching out someone for dropping in on him shows a lack of discipline and self control that will likely end up causing him difficulty in the future (i.e. Sunny Garcia). Not only that, but had the submissive body-boarder he was kneeing and punching decided to press assault charges he would simply need to show tape of this assault to any police officer and Rothman would be in a world of trouble.

For Fuel to air this episode and all of the others that include this type of gangster mentality is irresponsible programming and is the same as condoning it. For example, viewers know that the violence on a show like The Sopranos was a scripted drama. We all new they didn’t really kill anybody. The 808 is the worst sort of reality show, because the violence is real.

The scene that included a whacked out Buttons Kaluhiokalani (who also made an appearance on “Dog The Bounty Hunter) at the Turtle Bay restaurant meeting of “Da Hui” hierarchy really left me scratching my head. Bug eyed, whacked out, and unintelligible. How did that sequence end up in the final cut? When you cut out all of the fluff this show did nothing more than glorify drug use, violence, scamming chicks, and drinking.

Fuel likes to portray itself as a hip, clean cut messenger for the world of action sports and, for the most part, they are right on. However, by putting the 808 on air for every 14 year old wanna-be to watch and learn from they are inspiring a whole new generation in the wrong way and teaching them that this is the way you need to carry yourself to make it to the next level.

And what about the other message. The one that says “We own this spot, keep out.” Hawaii has a bad enough rap for localism without this. This message is intentional on Kala’s part, I believe, in an effort to keep his own slice of the pie. So much for the “Aloha Spirit”, I guess.



Posted by Cameron on Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 in Surfing. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

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38 Responses to “The 808… Action Sports Reality At Its Finest”

  • JP Says:

    Thug core sells I guess. How awesome was it that Chris Ward punched those girls in Mammoth? Wheee!

  • Tureky Demon Says:

    Whoever writes this blog is a f–king kook. It is so obvious you’re not part of the industry you write about. The fact that you think people want read who you think a company like RVCA should and shouldn’t support is laughable. Your one of those f–cking idiots that writes stuff on the Malakye forum like, “I think Volcom is the coolest, how do I get a job with them,” and then clogs up system for the people that are really in the industry and have a chance at these jobs. I wish there was a way to weed you out.

    You have no right to tell people in Hawaii how they should act. You’re one of those typical white people that stick their nose where it does not belong in the islands. Long Live Hawaiian Justice for hoales. I fly my Hawaiian flag upside down. If you don’t know what that means look it up. Stay out of Hawaii, you don’t belong there. If you want to visit and surf, respect the local people or it will be your last time. The show is warning to all you So Cal Wussbags to behave in land that should not be part of your country.

  • Cameron Says:

    First of all, you’re in VA, not Hawai’i (IP tracking ;) )

    Second, the author who wrote this blog post is from Hawai’i… Just thought I’d let you know.

  • Shaun Says:

    Tureky Demon…. What is a ‘hoale’? or did you mean ‘haole’, as in, ‘you’re so haole you don’t even know you’re haole?’

  • Fresh Says:

    This whole thug mentality taking over in action sports is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Wake up douche bags… Getting a tattoo on your neck and surfing Huntington does not make you hard. Just because snowboarding clothes are baggy does not make you a gangster.
    I know Hawaii has always had a problem with people trying to protect you’re their break, but when you paddle out at Newport and some out of work Mortgage Broker with a tribal arm band starts throwing down when the waves are knee high we have a problem.

  • Alex Says:

    Kala Alexander is the biggest coward I’ve ever met in my life. He almost ran a 6 1/2 year old girl over with his dirt bike on V-land going at least 70MPH according to numerous witnesses, including myself. I then challenged him to a fight, one on one, man to man in front of dozens of people. He ran away and came back with his little fag gang…see you in court Kala…

  • kala alexander Says:

    See you in court. Ha. Spoken like a true pussy. We both know what really happened.

  • kala alexander Says:

    As far as the critic above writing about “the 808″ you really are clueless aren’t you. Judging by your comments you didn’t listen to one thing we said. We don’t condone violence or drugs, but these things happen. Go back. Watch the show again. Listen to every word and then process the information again. Just so I don’t have to explain everything again go and watch all the shows again and then maybe you’ll understand what is really going on. Sounds to me you’re just a jealous hater with nothing better to do.

  • Jamil Says:

    Well Kala everyone knows the truth about you and your thug friends. I’ve seen you assault people on the North Shore…sucker punching, or “fresh punching” them like the coward you are. You are neither a fighter or a hero, but a petty thug who will get his due rewards.

  • Jamil Says:

    Kala Alexander has 17 criminal convictions! Any company that sponsors him should be ashamed…

  • kala alexander Says:

    Get a life Jamil. You think I’m the first and only person in the world who’s made mistakes. I never said I was perfect. You don’t know me or my friends. We do a lot of positive things for our community. I don’t sucker punch people either. I explain this in the show too. Go and watch it again. Thanks for the support. My only priority is feeding my kids, not causing trouble. I don’t start trouble, people with no respect come over and start trouble all the time. And I dont have 17 convictions. I had a tough life with no father and no guidance. I say all this in the show. Don’t be a hater Jamil. I wish you and your family the best

  • irip Says:

    Leave Kala alone people. Get over yourselves, self righteous idiots.

  • Jamil Says:

    You are a fucking liar Kala. Do you want me to post your criminal record online so everyone can see what a lying piece of shit you are?!! Covarde filho de uma puta desgracado. I HAVE SEEN YOU SUCKER PUNCH inncoent people you liar….you had a tough life does not give you excuse to hurt innocent people. I have tough life in Brasil also..but I don’t hit sucker punch people…I will post your record so everyone can see what a lying coward and piece of merda you are.

    Come to Brasil tough guy and see what kind of here you are. I feel sorry for your children. Too bad they don’t have a real man as father.

  • Jamil Says:

    Kala I see you have new mugshot on your Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center eCrim Record….must be from your latest arrest…

  • Jamil Says:

    Oh poor Kala…just misunderstood and being beaten up by people on the internet…go cry like the baby you are. Better yet come to Brasil and fight Vale Tudo just like Monster Resende challenged Kala to Vale Tudo fight but poor baby Kala was too scared.

  • Cameron Says:

    Jamil, I think you made your point. We do our best not to moderate comments here on the site, but in your case we may need to make an exception if you keep it up.

  • kala Alexander Says:

    monster is a friend. He never challenged me. I challenge you. Shut your big mouth already. Where are you so I can come see you? I have many Brazilian friends, but you give them a bad name. Say this to my face. If not shut your mouth.

  • kala Alexander Says:

    jamil I hope to meet you one day you pussy. In Brazil they would kill you for some disrespects. In Hawaii maybe you get your head slapped. Nobody dies. You have no life you pussetta. You have nothing better to do. You guys are just jealous haters. I think violence is very wrong. I say so in the show. I wanna thank all of you for watching the show.

  • Cameron Says:

    ok guys, now you’ve both made your points… thanks.

  • sheryl deloach Says:


  • brother bees Says:

    wow all this internet warfare! hey the kauai boys came over and picked it up where the old school oahu guys left off, plain and simple, if no one sets the rules, its a free for all, and us people who grew up surfing here sometimes get the short end of the stick, if you dont like it, dont surf pipe, you will see there are tough fuckers at almost all the spots here. the wolfpak isnt setting a bad example, thats the way surfing is these days, from hawaii to south africa there are people protecting the spots, you cant blame the wolfpak! the show is reality, thats what people want right? reality tv? you want it? eat it. I hope you choke. stop hating.

  • KaneoheRidaz Says:

    A lot more could have definitely been done to give coverage to the positives that da wolfpak brings to Hawaii. Haven’t they been instrumental in beach clean-ups and fundraisers on top of just regulating the North Shore?

  • Dpain Says:

    Tureky Demon comes off even more stupid than kala in this thread lol. Hawaiian pride brah, lol pshhh, get real. Last time i checked you guys were part of the United States of America so dont talk to anyone from a different state like your superior to us or something cause your defenenately not. Its probably only a matter of time anyway before we all see you two on dog the bounty hunter as some of the fugitives they are chasing down because there addicted to ice or have committed some other crime. The 808 Brahs pretty much have no respect from the other snow/skate community, all of us pretty much just think your a joke. And for kala, u said everyone has made mistakes and that is so true, but most of us learn from them and dont make any more after number 1 or 2. but 17? lol ouch, your just plain stupid arent you “brah” lol. oh yeah and wolf pack clothing? hahaha, dont even get me started

  • stop the violence Says:

    I belive that sex and violence are so glorified in all veins of the entertainment industry. I agree that anyone in the industry should be embaressed to sponser Kala Alexander. I also think any of the producers of any movie that he has been in or show he has been a part of should be embarassed as well. I work with troubled teens and I know that in addition to the intimidation and violence that he is known for he also raped an underage runaway. This is not the only report of sexual predatory behavior that I have heard his name associated with. I know that he is not the only male to frequent the Volcom house that has sexually assaulted women. I don’t know that much about other member’s of the Wolf Pack but I am familiar with their reputation as violent thugs and drug addicts as well as dealers. They do not protect people from getting hurt on breaks or represent the hawaiin people in any positve way. They selfishly claim breaks for themselves and portray hawaiians as uneducated, drug addicts and alcoholics , prone to domestic and other types of violence. Da hui has done a lot to change thier image to the public and to try and change themselves into positive contributors to society. They try and I applaud that, they don’t always suceed and I wish them further success in thier goals to reform. The wolf pack has sprung out of their shadow to take their place as the low brow thugs of the North Shore. It’s a shame, I wish Da Hui would rein them in and try to guide them into a positive direction. I also hope that Kala Alexander ends up on the national sex offender registry and that no more women and young girls have to go through what that little girl went through. Young girls please avoid the Volcom house and anyone in the Wolf Pack.

  • marc Says:

    kala is a bitch, id love to see your sick rapist face on my street, face would be knocked off

  • kala alexander Says:

    Where’s your street Marc? I’ll come visit you sometime. Your just a jealous cunt like all the rest.

  • kala alexander Says:

    Stop the Violence why you gotta make this kind of shit up ? Get a life

  • marc Says:

    maybe next asr ill bump into you

  • dicky Says:

    i challenge you kala, to not get into any physical confrontation for the whole year of 2009. i highly doubt you’ll make it past the first few days in january. the most influential people in the world don’t have to use physical force to get their points across. look at a guy like gavin beschen…he lets his surfing do the talking. keeps to himself and rips…you, on the other hand, are an embarrassment to this sport. freaking out if someone looks at you the wrong way. karma will take you down. i’m a good friend of wardo…you fu*#ed up big time. do yourself a favor and get in anger management. use your negative energy to create something positive…

  • mc lite Says:

    yeah now D!

  • Dresden Says:


    Check the tape….Kala the peace-maker!

  • jambo Says:

    Kala and Makua are both punks, saw Makua at the ASR last year and wanted to punch him out right there but his high voice and tiny frame just didn’t look worth it. Come back to CA you rock rats and try your local shit, you will get rocked due to your attitudes!

  • kala alexander Says:

    Just admit it Jambo. You were scared. Makua would have knocked you out. He hits like a 200 pounder. We’ll be back for the next trade show. You are a jealous hater.

  • kala alexander Says:

    How do we get in touch with you Jambo. See you in Cali.

  • dhyland Says:

    All respect to your home, your family and your friends. You have a right to protect all. But it’s not coming off like protection. It’s coming off like an open invitation to come and see you and test your metal. That’s not wise dude. There is always someone tougher. ALWAYS. There are alot of people who hit like 200 pounders who won’t back you down and inch and this “you just don’t understand me” shit won’t fly. Lots of guys had tough lives and son’t hide behind it. Be careful bud. No doubt your’e a good man. Live by the sword die by the sword.
    And avoid wyoming, utah, oklahoma, texas, montana, hell anywhere oilworkers have read about you. You and your whole crew would not stand a chance. Were thinking of taking up surfing. How about a lesson?

  • faka wat Says:

    Kala go back to Kauai where you came from,regulate shit where u from, not other peoples homeland. None of you are from the north shore but you act like you own it, sad thing is, you dont. But you can try. no locals fear you, only the clown surfers from all over the world who see your unfair fights and gay ass tattoos. its funny to us real locals who live ns our whole lives and really run shit the smart way, underground. not everone knows what you really do, but they should figure it out when you havent placed high in any contests and say your a pro surfer. im not a hater, just a real ns local. u the one thats hates, driving around staring people out driving all fast in our neighborhoods that you claim to regulate, but your the one who acts like an ass, you will be regulated one day if you fuck with the wrong people out here, just know we watching. and we run it. not u. but we let u try, cuz we know u all gone be done real soon cuz in the public eye people watching. find some aloha aku bird. and if u like get nutz u come find me in one silver tacoma. lickens gaurentee young boy.

  • kala alexander Says:

    Born Wahiawa General 1969. Who you calling young boy? You know me. I don’t know you. Say hi sometime. Stop hating. Don’t be scared. I’m moving in a positive direction.

  • Cameron Says:

    OK everyone- I’m turning off the comments on this post. All this back and forth non-sense is getting ridiculous.

    Kala – stoked to see you moving in a positive direction. Also saw your article in NYT, nice.

    One Love Ya’ll

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