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Top 10 Part Enders from the Last Decade

This list is sure to be somewhat inaccurate due to there being so many skateboarders out there who are shredding–but here are 10 of the past decade’s most mind blowing enders.

10. Brandon Turner, Switch Hardflip, Carlsbad Gap

This switch hardflip was so epic that even though it was slow motioned during the video and shown like three times in the edit, I still rewound the clip and had it play in double slow motion. Epic!

9. Gareth Stehr, 21 Stair Ollie

Sure, dudes have ollied stairs nearly as big. Even doing tricks down stairs nearly as big but when this final banger of an ollie went down it was talked about by everybody! That and it went so perfect with his song. The way he lands just gives you a feel for the height of the 20 stair drop as well.

8. Rodney Mullen, Kickflip Primo Slide, Heelflip Primo Slide to…

What would a top 10 ender list be without Mr. Rodney Mullen himself? This primo combo sparked up an entirely new crazy of something we couldn’t do. Seriously, kickflip primo slide to heelflip primo slide to whatever it was he did out. WOW! Rodney Mullen is on another level entirely. He has his own realm.

7. PJ Ladd’s Last Line in PLWHL

The video is named after him and for a damn good reason. I would forever engrave the name of PJ Ladd in my head after witnessing the skateboarding that went down in his part. His lines are ridiculously technical. And he looks at ease 24/7. His final line leaves you breathless and in awe.

6. Bastian Salabanzi, Fakie Flip

Bastian never quit skateboarding. He has been killing it always just not for the usual sponsors you know him for. This ender of his in the video “They Don’t Give a F**k About Us” is mind blowing. You need a major set of “cahones” to pull off a fakie flip like that.

5. Andrew Reynolds, Fakie Full Cab, Wilshire 15

The Boss came through like always. Fakie full cab down the Wilshire 15 all in a days work. It went so good with his part and only verified why he is “the boss”.

4. Daewon Song, 2nd to None Switch Frontside Heelflip Blunt

By all means watch this whole part, it’s shot all in the warehouse. Your jaw will drop as you watch him annihilate everything. His last trick could have cost him his life. Actually a lot of the tricks he did were done on probably some of the sketchiest obstacles imaginable. Don’t try any of that at home kids. Daewon locks onto blunts easier than anyone I have seen. He makes it look TOO easy. Watch the bench fall down after he pulls off the ender. SCARY!

3. Cody Mcentire, Nollie Big Heel, Carlsbad

Need we say more? Look at the catch and flick of his Nollie Big Heel. I have watched him skateboard in person and he is by far one of the most talented up and comers right now. Super underrated, this guy should be the one with his own MTV show making millions.

2. Chris Cole, 360 Flip, Wallenberg

The Wallenberg stairs have seen their fair share of tricks thrown off upon them. To this day Chris Cole’s 360 flip stands as only a handful of tricks accomplished down the huge four. It’s almost scary to think what will be thrust upon the stair set next. And showing Chris Cole try and try the 360 flip again and again at the end of his part only made it better. There is nothing like working for your trick. It just makes it feel that much better when you finally pull it off.

1. Dave Bachinsky, El Toro Kickflip

The reason I feel this trick gets number 1 is the fact that El Toro’s Popularity has grown to blown out proportions. People that don’t even skate know about the 20 stair. A kickflip down it is absolutely mind blowing. And not to label Dave Bachinsky as a one trick wonder, but whether he likes it or not he is going to be remembered for this single trick alone. He is a highly skilled skateboarder who is a well diverse all around rider. But his kickflip down the massive set really sealed the deal for him. And is forever stapled onto his identity.

Posted by Ruben 'Studdard' Najera on Monday, April 27th, 2009 in Skateboarding.

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2 Responses to “Top 10 Part Enders from the Last Decade”

  • Tanner Christensen Says:

    Haven’t we learned yet?

    PJ Ladd is a robot. Nobody can stop him.

  • luke moore Says:

    Is You Tube the only place you can watch skateboard videos anymore? Fuck You Tube. They do nothing but rob skateboarding and it makes me puke to see the 10 sickest parts of the last decade pirated by You Tube then stolen by you kooks like some sloppy seconds. The funny thing is You Tubes name is on every clip here instead of at least the video title or company who made the videos name.

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