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X-Dance Film Festival Day 3

x-dance film festival

Yet another strong line up at X-Dance yesterday that also included a very informative panel discussion with some industry media big wigs. The highlight of the night was definitely Shaun White’s new movie, Don’t Look Down.

X-Dance Institute Filmmakers Panel
The panel was moderated by X-Dance Director, Brian Wimmer, and included Shon Tomlin from Fuel TV, Chris Cote from Transworld Surf, Mick Hamilton from Transworld Snow, Eric Barrett from X-Dance, and Michael Starivan from Bonnier Corp. Most of the discussion was focused around piracy issues. It’s obviously a huge problem as Brain mentioned that Bra Boys lost over $800k from piracy issues alone. Surprisingly, most of the media guys are realizing there is nothing they can do to stop piracy so they’re focusing on ways to monetize beyond DVD sales. Some are even embracing it by spreading the content out there themselves, which makes sense because at least this way it can be tracked and monitored. It’s going to get out there anyways, right.

Another key takeaway from this discussion was from Eric. He’s also a producer for commercials and he said that two years ago, only about 5% of his clients were working on commercials for the internet, now it’s around 60%.

Rip City
The first movie I made it to was Rip City, a film that tells the story of Portland through the eyes of eight skaters who live in Portland. This was an excellent film and I noticed in the credits that it’s associated with Fuel TV. I haven’t heard anything about it airing on there yet, but I’d watch for that. What impressed me most about this film was that it was shot completely on a DV cam, not HD. One of our contributors, Caleb, is actually from Portland so I’m going to send him my copy of this disc so that he can review more in depth at a later time. Makes sense, considering he’s a part of that scene and all. Great story though.

Between the Lines
Some of our readers may know of Scott Bass. He’s the dude down at Cardiff Reef who likes to pull sharks out of the water with his bare hands, or so the legend goes. He’s also one of the main producers of this epic movie which tells the story of several surfers during the Vietnam War era who struggle with the decision of going off to fight in a war or dodging the draft to stay behind and live the dream. I totally respect the decision of anyone that refused to fight in that war, regardless of what the law was back then. That’s a choice and a freedom that all of us should have and can’t think of anything more pointless than two dudes killing each other. If you’re looking for raw surf footage to get amped for a sesh, this movie isn’t for you. But if you want to hear a very interesting story about a very controversial topic that’s told from several points of view, I guarantee this film will satisfy. It’s a movie that every surfer should see at least once.

Inside Teahupoo
‘Chopes is a fascinating wave, whether you surf or not. And this is a fascinating movie about Teahupoo that follows Jaime O, Ian Walsh, Raimana, and other big wave surfers as they test out Red Bull’s revolutionary 360 degree camera. Add to it, one of the biggest swells in five years and it’s on for one of the meanest and heaviest waves in the world. Now this is a movie that’s chuck full of raw surfing footage that will amp just about anyone. And next time you complain about getting pounded by a little 4-footer, just turn this on and watch Maya Gabeira get crushed by a few of Teahupoo’s gnarliest. And yet she keeps going back for more. Check out the site Red Bull put together to see some of the footage of Inside Teahupoo.

Shaun White: Don’t Look Down
Definitely the highlight of the night. Unfortunately, Shaun didn’t make an appearance but that didn’t stop this from being an awesome screening. Shaun is such an incredible athlete and in my opinion, deserves to be up there with the likes of Kelly Slater, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and the other greats. This is a documentary style film that follows Shaun around for a whole year. Everything from not winning (for once) at Winter X, to traveling to Africa to chill with the locals, to winning the gold at X-Games skate vert, to the business side of Shaun. It’s a tale of both the ups and downs and it’s really incredible to get inside the mind of such an amazing human being that excels at everything he does. His competitive drive is second to none. The only thing this film lacked was footage of Shaun freeriding, which I guess he doesn’t really get to do much of anyways as it’s too much of an injury risk. That’s something we’d all like to see more of from Shaun in the future. This DVD is a must buy.

The Don’t Look Down screening was followed by an after party put on by X-Games. Not much to say but more open bar and good times.

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Posted by Cameron on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 in Industry.

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