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Have the X-Games Jumped the Shark?

x games logoRuben’s post about the X-Games killing vert skateboarding today really caught my attention. Why? Simply because I associate much of the Summer X-Games with vert skateboarding and I think this is a huge mistake by ESPN. Just about every time I’ve watched the games on TV, they’ve almost always had vert skate on. And I enjoyed watching it, even though the only time I ever tried dropping in on a vert ramp I ate shit.

Some of my best Summer X memories consist of vert highlights, most notably Tony’s 900 that none of us will soon forget. I can’t help but think I’m not alone with my Summer X/vert connection. I’m willing to bet a large number of people who either are or aren’t heavily involved in action sports see it as their signature sport.

I’m sure ESPN has good reasons for making this move, financial being the top. But I can’t help but think this rubs many of us the wrong way and is (in my opinion) a huge slap in the face to athletes like Tony Hawk. Because of old media decisions like this, the games have slowly been getting worse over the years and now they’ve just completely jumped the shark.



Posted by Cameron on Tuesday, April 8th, 2008 in Brands, Skateboarding.

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5 Responses to “Have the X-Games Jumped the Shark?”

  • rastaskate Says:

    Once again EXPN gets it wrong.  The X-Games was a marginal skate event to begin with,  their decision to remove vert from the competition, clearly shows their continued ignorance about skaters.  Nothing wrong with big air, just not at the expense of the vert competition. http://www.rastaskate.com

  • Shaun Says:

    I am really having a hard time believing that X-Games is dropping vert. They completely contradict themselves by using the claim that there is not enough access to vert ramps for the average skater, yet they are essentially replacing the vert comp with the super ramp. How many people have access to gigantic skate ramps like those used at X-Games?

  • douchechillz Says:

    if vert is out the big air boycott is ON!

    that is unless bob burnquist feels like taking his run just like he did after jake brown’s slam.

    bad skate etiquitte.

  • rastaskate Says:

    They caved. You knew they would. Vert is where it all started (not better than street, but…). More than 80% that voted on the EXPN online poll wanted more than big air

  • cade Says:

    I am not gonna lie watching big air is fun. But, after three or four run I am over it. On the other hand I can (and do sometimes) watch vert pretty much whenever. and it is still something that puts me in Awe.
    I think the x-games has done an amazing thing for action sports but I believe it needs to stay true to its roots and the roots of the sport

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