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Has YouTube Replaced the Skateboard DVD?

skateboard dvd menikmatiOne of my greatest inspirations is watching skateboard videos. We all love skateboarding videos. I have seen hundreds of skateboarding videos and I never get tired of watching them. I have a whole collection of them, many that I had anticipated purchasing and watching well before they were even released.

It’s an awesome feeling to open up your new skate video and pop it into the player. It would be spectacular if skateboarders three years down the line got to experience this exact feeling. Nowadays though, it seems as though the entire industry (as has all industries) has been shaken up by the media monster known as YouTube. There are many other video uploading websites out there but YouTube is by far the most popular. It’s becoming common for skateboarding videos to be uploaded onto the ‘tube before they are released on DVD.

This whole uploading revolution is basically killing the idea of the store-bought DVD. Of course, the quality on YouTube is nowhere near that of the actual DVD. Most recently, Lakai released its amazing “Fully Flared” DVD, which according to many of the reviews was the last DVD worth purchasing . I highly feel that’s not true at all. There are still some incredible skateboard videos set to be released. Transworld Skateboarding will soon be releasing its latest film,”The Now.” It looks amazing and is already on my ‘to buy’ list.

It’s really awesome that you can watch skateboard videos on the internet in just mere seconds. However, I feel the line is crossed entirely when it’s a video that is barely hitting the store shelves. It costs money to make the videos and it sucks if they can’t even pay off the expenses spent making the DVD’s. So support the skateboard community and purchase the skate videos you really want to see. I guarantee you will enjoy the quality a lot more and on top of that you also get bonus features that you don’t find on YouTube.

Here is a cool list of past video classics that I recommend getting on DVD if you can find them-

Any Transworld Skateboarding video (Sight Unseen, Modus Operandi, First Love, Time to Shine, Feedback, The Reason.)

Es – Menikmati

Blueprint – Lost and Found

Struggle Skateboards – Children of the Struggle

Emerica – This is skateboarding

Baker – Baker2G

1st and Hope

Toy Machine – Jump off a Building, Welcome to Hell

Those are just a few memorable favorite picks. Now here’s a list of newer skateboard DVD’s to look forward to.

Transworld Skateboarding – The Now

Fallen – Ride the Sky

Flip – Extremely Sorry

Digital – Smoke and Mirrors



Posted by Ruben 'Studdard' Najera on Saturday, March 29th, 2008 in Skateboarding.

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2 Responses to “Has YouTube Replaced the Skateboard DVD?”

  • Cameron Says:

    I have Menikmati on video tape… that gives you an idea of just how classic it is.

  • Cbin Says:

    I remember when Welcome to hell came out, even chicks that never skated in their life would brag about seeing it at school. That video was and is so sick.

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